Day 6

The new night before the big launch. It's been a break neck run to the finish line.

I can only hope it's received well.

I'm certain there will be a ton of issues on the first day, but hopefully I can get them fixed in quick order...

Day 5

First couple of tutorials are done. I've added a heap of screenshots, with really simple instructions.

Hopefully, this will make it really easy for vendors and sellers to get up and running quickly...

Day 4

It's been an interesting time. Massive changes and updates to how the site works.

- Security has been drastically increased;
- Vendors will be able to have a near complete custom online shop;
- Auctions have been added back in;
- Registration and notification emails are working again;
- PayPal payouts are working;
- Stock control is now possible;
- Variable products are possible (TShirt sizes, product colours etc);
- New categories etc.

Many more changes to come!

@Vapingmummajazz and @Haydze - I've activated your accounts manually, so you can login at any time. I'm guessing ya probably missed the activation email. Welcome to the :)

@everyone & @n00bs - If you're trying to signup on, you should get a notification email. Please check your spam folders, as it I've not yet had the time to setup a proper email service, and the spam rating is pretty high.

Its been an interesting couple of weeks for Traffic is down, auctions are down and generally no-one seems interested. This is similar to what happened last time we ran the site.

It's hard to watch something you've worked so hard on fall apart, so you're left with two options:

1. Let it die a slow death, or
2. Fight to keep it alive

Admittedly, last time I let it die. It was painful to watch. I've decided not to let it go so easily... watch this space. Big things are coming.

Making base for a chicken stock. Making chicken soup for family. They're all feeling under the weather, so need something warm and healthy to help speed along recovery...

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