This last week has been a real mission. So much accomplished, so much left to do.

@DavidBond - I left Fakebook, Twitter and Instagram some time ago. While I miss the people I used to talk with, I feel much more relaxed and less anxious. I find I'm also less angry. I guess it's about finding a balance. 😊👍

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If you post something on social media, you are explicitly inviting people to comment and share their opinions. If that is not your intent then set privacy settings accordingly.

Regardless if you post something and are offended by respectful differences of opinion, and go so far as to silence those opinions, then **you** are the problem.

If you expect people to listen to your views on blast without giving them the common decency to reply, and be listened to in return, its time for you to reevaluate yourself because you are likely the perfect example of why the world is falling apart right now.

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We’re launching several new security features that make ProtonMail even more secure against attacks. Learn about these technologies and how they keep you safe:

Day 6

The new night before the big launch. It's been a break neck run to the finish line.

I can only hope it's received well.

I'm certain there will be a ton of issues on the first day, but hopefully I can get them fixed in quick order...

@freyja_wildes @protonmail - the bridge is good. Don't be surprised by occasional sync or timeout errors. If you can, increase the timeout in Thunderbird. 👍

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@americalover69 - Her offsider Anita Sarkeesian was appointed to the Twitter "Trust and Safety Council". It's unlikely Twitter will do anything about it at all. :/

@DavidBond I'd recommend using "Musky" if you're on Android. It's quite good.

Day 5

First couple of tutorials are done. I've added a heap of screenshots, with really simple instructions.

Hopefully, this will make it really easy for vendors and sellers to get up and running quickly...

GAH! Auctions are playing havoc with the build. Have to disable for now, until I get some feedback from the developer... Fuck it.

Day 4

It's been an interesting time. Massive changes and updates to how the site works.

- Security has been drastically increased;
- Vendors will be able to have a near complete custom online shop;
- Auctions have been added back in;
- Registration and notification emails are working again;
- PayPal payouts are working;
- Stock control is now possible;
- Variable products are possible (TShirt sizes, product colours etc);
- New categories etc.

Many more changes to come!

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You may think your Gmail account is private, but Google disagrees. Google told a judge that users have "no legitimate expectation of privacy." Proton = privacy.

@Vapingmummajazz and @Haydze - I've activated your accounts manually, so you can login at any time. I'm guessing ya probably missed the activation email. Welcome to the :)

@everyone & @n00bs - If you're trying to signup on, you should get a notification email. Please check your spam folders, as it I've not yet had the time to setup a proper email service, and the spam rating is pretty high.

@americalover69 - Hunting libtards? LOL!

Seriously though, I like to find some good music and just blast it. As an ex musician/singer, I find solace and catharsis in music.

@shesgabrielle - honestly, I wasn't going to start my own. But after reading the "Rules" of other servers, it felt restrictive (almost oppressive). In the end, I decided to spin up my own, so that I could set more generally loose rules and just enjoy open discussion and debate.

@shesgabrielle - How odd. I posted a toot not 24 hours ago. Perhaps and aren't in sync. I actually started this instance of Mastodon on my personal server on August 15th. So it's relatively new.

But thanks for the welcome none the less.

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