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Day #3

Today has been a day of ups and downs. Initial choices that I made while configuring the server (chosen for speed benefits), turned out to be the wrong ones. It's set me back about a day, as I had to rebuild the server in its entirety to avoid rebuilding the database manually to repair the damage.

I will have to rethink some of my strategy. The server is running again, but I'm still behind schedule and will need to play catch-up over the coming days.

Ok, rebuilt. Running much better now. May even have a few surprises in the wind...

Big oopsie... Made a major mistake while working... Used the wrong web server, instead of . Screwed up so much shit it's not funny. Quicker to rebuild than repair. Upgraded the server with x86 cores for compatibility, increased RAM to 8GB, and increased storage by 100Gb. Should be much quicker now. YAY!

So much in the . You'd think that the community would have enough to deal with, considering the potential changes coming up soon.

Day #2 - email notifications

Finally got the notification emails working independent of the main mail server, so should be much more reliable in the future.

Still have to fix ; and to lower the spam score, but it's a big step. It means as long as is running, it will not need to rely on a mail server, making it almost completely stand alone.

Sooo... 14 hours of ; hair pulling; face palming; keyboard bashing and loud swearing results in...

Something that resembles the digital equivalent of roadkill...

Its been an interesting couple of weeks for Traffic is down, auctions are down and generally no-one seems interested. This is similar to what happened last time we ran the site.

It's hard to watch something you've worked so hard on fall apart, so you're left with two options:

1. Let it die a slow death, or
2. Fight to keep it alive

Admittedly, last time I let it die. It was painful to watch. I've decided not to let it go so easily... watch this space. Big things are coming.

Making base for a chicken stock. Making chicken soup for family. They're all feeling under the weather, so need something warm and healthy to help speed along recovery...

Starting up a brand new instance of Mastodon, specifically for . It was a bit of a mess to get going, but here we are 😊

Mastodon is one server in the network